Idaho Hunts

Shiras Moose & Antelope Hunt info below

Check out our ID property on YouTube. SEARCH M2D CAMO Idaho Property for a short clip everything on the video is ON OUR PROPERTY (except the opening bugling elk)

We have 20,000+ private acres in unit 29. The property is 45 minutes south of Salmon, ID and 1 hours from Idaho Falls. The property is mountain timber, sagebrush flats, willow bottoms and agricultural oat, barley, and alfalfa fields. The mature bulls range from 280-330 with 350+ possible. The biggest bull ever shot on the ranch has been 378. This is an over the counter archery unit for elk. The rifle elk hunt is draw only, and they only issue 180 tags in the whole unit. The application is due in May or early June (check to make sure).


We have a 3 bedroom updated trailer house with 5 beds. We try to only allow 5 archery hunters on the property at one time. We will only make exceptions if all the parties are from the same group. All hunters stay at the same house. All archery elk hunts are for 6 nights / 7 days. You will arrive around 12:00 - 2:00 PM on the day of the hunt and hunt that evening; you will hunt 5 full days, and hunt on the day you leave. We ask that you try to be out of the house by 12:00 that afternoon. Archery elk tags must be purchased over the counter. An archery permit must also be purchased


We have lots of moose on our property. They draw 11 tags in the unit 29 area and currently 1 is allotted for Non Residents. We will sell a trespass fee of $4500 for a moose and you can expect to shoot a 40 plus inch moose but we do have 45-50 inch on the property. IF YOU DO NOT GET A SHOT, you will be reimbursed $3000.00, how do you beat that?


THIS IS A HUNTING PROPERTY, YOU WILL HAVE TO HUNT...this is not a high fence operation, and the animals do not stand out in the wide open, just waiting to get shot. This is a private land hunt, where hunting skills and knowledge will be required.

There is a bunk house to stay in.

We do not have cable TV, and no Internet. Internet service can be found two blocks away outside the library or in the bar depending on your connection. Most all phone companies will have service in 75% of our hunting areas. You should have good service in the house.

There is a meat pole to take care of your animal once you gut it in the field. The local gas station has a meat locker for $10.00 a day. There is a butcher we use and recommend about and hour and fifteen minutes away in Dell, MT. The town is very small with one bar, one store, and one gas station, nearest small-big town is Salmon about 45 minutes away.

Your hunting will be out of stands, blinds, spot and stalk, calling, and hiking.

Rubber knee high boots are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

If room is available extra guests are $500 per week.

Archery hunters need Archery permit

Muzzleloader hunters (may need muzzleloader permit, check regs) THIS is not a muzzleloader hunt, so your muzzleloader rules are more lenient than the muzzleloader rules. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the regs and rules.

Contact SPARKY at 509-499-4861 or

Or Geoff Tippit at 928-713-7871

A 3% Credit Card Charge will be added to all hunts in addition to the cost of the hunt, to all parties who pay with credit card.

Our Guarntee to You

These hunts will all be conducted on mostly private lands with access to public land. We do not guarantee our hunts as it is HUNTING. We cannot control the weather, the moon, the sun, the animals, the rut, or any other thing Mother Nature can do to change our conditions. We do promise that our property and bordering lands do hold the animals you are after. Our continued client success and business relies on us making sure you have a good experience and opportunities at the animals you are after. 100% Fair Chase