Meet Our Guides

First let me thank you for stopping by our page and supporting M2D Camo. My name is Geoff Tippit and like many of you I was introduced to hunting and the outdoors at a early age. My story may differ a little only because I lost my father when I was young and had to learn most of what I know about the outdoors on my own or with my two younger brothers. When it comes to the outdoors I can never get enough, it seems I am always looking to the horizon and thinking about that next adventure. I enjoy it all from water fowling to chasing big bull elk. My beautiful wife Heather and I have three awesome children. My kids have given me a whole new outlook on the outdoors and anyone who has children know exactly what I'm talking about! I have been guiding and outfitting for twenty plus years now and it has always been a passion of mine. The chance to meet new people and be able to help and share in their hunting experience sis something I truly enjoy.

Sparky started hunting about 25 years ago and has become an avid hunter for all big and small game alike. Sparky is a retired firefighter with 20 years of service. He currently owns and operates M2D CAMO along with hosting M2D CAMO's Livin' the Dream TV show. M2D CAMO and Sparky partnered with Geoff at Legendary Outfitters and the two have become great friends and partners in their hunting properties and operations. Sparky handles all the Idaho and Washington properties, while Geoff handles all the Arizona and California ranches. Sparky prides himself on being honest and having the utmost integrity when describing the type of hunt you will be going on.

Our goal is to give you more than we describe and be 100% honest about the hunt you will be booking. There is nothing worse than being mislead on a hunt of a lifetime and you can be guaranteed that if you hunt with Sparky or Geoff you will find two hard, honest working guys.