Arizona Hunts

Antelope, Mule Deer, Javelina, Elk, Coues Deer

Our Arizona Elk & Antelope recommendations for applying:

Archery elk hunts on public ground: Hunt dates for archery are Sep 9th through the 22nd

Hunt #3140/ unit 7west/ this is a great unit for someone with low bonus points. this unit is bordered by unit 9 to the north and unit 10 to the west. It's a sleeper unit that can produce 380 class bulls.

Hunt #3141/ unit 8/ this is a great unit that can produce trophy class bulls.

Hunt #3142/ unit 9/ probably the best unit in the state for huge bulls also the most written up unit in the state, making it the toughest to draw!

Hunt #3143/ unit 10/ big ,big bulls this unit can be as good as unit 9.

Hunt#3137/ unit 6A/ this unit holds the largest herd of elk in our state and also offers the most tags(595). this is a fun hunt with lots of 350+ class bulls.

Private land archery hunt: Hunt dates for the ranch are Sep 9th through the 29th

Hunt #3191/ unit 19B/ this is a private ranch hunt you can contact Sparky for details.

Muzzle Loader elk: Hunt dates are Sep 23rd through 29th

Hunt #3120/ unit 8/ this is a rut hunt and very hard to draw!

Hunt #3129/unit 9/ this is a rut hunt also and even harder to draw because it's unit 9!!!!!

Hunt 3123/ unit 21/ this is a sleeper unit and it can produce some giant bulls.

Hunt #3127/ unit 6A/ this is a late season muzzle loader hunt that can produce 350 class bulls. Hunt dates are Nov 11th through 17th

Private land rifle elk hunts:

Hunt #3070/ unit 19B/ this is a rut hunt. Hunt dares are Sep 30th through Oct 13th

Hunt# 3111/ unit 19B/ this is a late season hunt. Hunt dates are Nov 4th through Dec 8th.

General rifle elk tags please feel free to call 928-713-7871 and talk to Geoff