Alberta, Canada

Legendary Outfitters teams with Mountain Man Adventures For these amazing hunts! Please select below.

Hunt 1- Archery Trophy Moose/Elk/Wolf combo
Hunt 2 - Archery Moose/Wolf combo
Hunt 3- Rifle Trophy Moose/Wolf/Bear or Mule Deer combo

We try to only sell COMBO HUNTS for our hunters to optimize our limited tag numbers and give you a truly great hunting experience.

We can possibly separate a hunt with only one species, but times will be based on availability and prices below. Prices do not include your license tags and fees. Hunts for single species will be 7 days.

Archery Moose- $6,250 only 4 tags available
Rifle Moose- $7,500 only 2 tags available
Archery Elk - $6,250 only 2 tags available
Rifle Bear - $3,000 only 1 tag available
Rifle Mule Deer - $4500 only 2 tags available

Mountain Man Adventures General Information

Your adventure will start by flying or driving in to Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Here we will be waiting to greet you. After a short 5-minute drive to our country home and office we will insure you are totally outfitted and ready for the great adventure ahead of you.BR>
Once we are all ready to proceed we will drive another two hours to our base camp which is located in a huge mountain area surrounded by provincial parks and hundreds of miles of un- touched wilderness. Because of these surrounding parks and limited access our area produces some of the largest moose, elk and black bear in Canada. The area also holds a large population of wolves, and some nice mountain mule deer in which we can also accommodate interested hunters. There is a lot of other wildlife in which we don't hunt in the area such as bighorn sheep, mountain goat, cougar, and white tail deer

Our camps are very comfortable. Due to laws and regulations in Alberta we are forced to have mobile camps so even though you won't be sleeping in permanent cabins you will be spending your nights in warm comfortable bunkhouses which are basically cabins on wheels. There are separate bunkhouses for guides to provide you with privacy and a kitchen where all the first class meals will be prepared and served. There are also showers and clean comfortable outhouses. In the rare case where a hunter requests or we find some great trophies where we are required to go to a spike camp, the same level of comfort will be maintained as we will be using large wall tents with wood heat.

Our hunts are guided by some of the hardest working and most skilled guides in the business. These fit and experienced guides will do all they can to make sure you have the best experience possible. In this area a hunter can expect to have opportunities at big moose with average spreads of 45 inches and up to over 60 inches. These moose also have large paddles and tend to make the antlers score very well. Hunters have a great chance at a Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett bull. The same goes for elk as we harvest plenty of bulls over 300 and have gotten them up to 365 in the past. Coupled with very limited access to this zone, a limited draw unit exists for residents making this a very well managed area. There are also very few outfitter allocations which we own 100% of, making it one of the very best areas for large trophies. Once again we OWN ALL THE TAGS (moose) in this area. So unless you are a resident of Alberta and draw this tag, your only option to hunt this beautiful mountain area is to hunt with us for the trophy of your dreams.

We wont lie to you as you can expect a tough hunt. You will have to do a bit of hiking and riding on ATV's as there are hardly any roads, but this is why this area is so special and consistently produces monster trophies. The terrain is steep and rugged, and you must be honest with yourself about the condition you are in, in order to fully take advantage of this hunting unit. If you are looking for an easier hunt you can look at our tags in another unit described below. On a hunt you can also expect a wide range of temperatures from very warm to below freezing.

There are 2 big reasons why Mountain Man Adventures is different from your average outfitter. 1.) We offer combination hunts to every client for the same price that many outfitters charge for a single trophy hunt. 2.) We also do our best to film and photograph all of our hunts with professional camera equipment. That being said, we always put securing a trophy first and filming second, as we are here to provide you the opportunity at a great trophy. Because of this each hunter will receive a DVD and scrap-book a few months after the hunt so that they can share all their great memories with family and friends and re-live their adventure for years to come.